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30 Day YOGA DETOX Challenge!

APRIL 10 - MAY 9


Spring is about beginning a new!  What better time to DETOX your Body, Mind and Soul!


We have created a Detox program for you to follow for 30 days...

DETOX with YOGA Postures (variations of Detoxifying Twists), Healthy Food Recipes, Detox Methods, Meditation Techniques and other supplemental info will be provided exclusively for you by tYp!


It's optional to chronicle your experience on Facebook and Instagram.

This is all about being the best self you can be wit h the love and support of your community. Join your fellow yogis and instructors as we take a journey together and learn what unfolds.


Program Requirements:

-  The challenge costs $95 per person for 30 Days of unlimited yoga Non-refundable. If you currently have a class series (including Groupons), we will suspend that series until the end of the program, and entered to win prizes will begin upon the completion of your previous series.

- Open to all levels. Beginners welcome.

- Participants must attend a minimum of 4 yoga classes per week at tYp (or 18 classes within 30 days). You may take any level. Yes, you may practice 2 times in one day. And, yes, it's safe to practice on the same day you run, bike, walk, etc.

tYp will provide DETOX supplements exclusively for participants

- Participants may choose to post Daily Yoga Pose on Instagram & Facebook

1. Get ready to DETOX!
2. Register online 
3. FOLLOW US! Go to and follow The Yoga Place LA & Like us on Facebook at
4. PRACTICE!  Practice a minimum of 4 days a week at tYp (or minimum 15 days within 30 days)

5. SHARE! If you choose to share your experience take a photo of your posture, food recipe, detox method, book etc. and post the photo on Instagram with hashtag #theyogaplacela and #typdetoxchallenge and tag @theyogaplacela tag at least 2 friends in each photo inviting them to try some yoga. You must share the photos on your Facebook and tag The Yoga Place Los Angeles
6.  The people who take the MOST classes and POST photos with SHARED tags will be entered into to win Gift Certificate to Wi Spa!


** Gift Certificate to Wi Spa

** tYp Gift Bags for all participants


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to post on Social Media?

A: Nope! This challenge is personal to you. We want this to be fun and rewarding in however way you wish to accomplish your goal. Your fellow yogis and tYp teachers are here to support you in this. Learn, grow, love and see where your practice takes you!

Q: Do I have to begin on April 10th?

A: No, you can begin at any time during the month, just make sure to get your 18 classes in. 

Q: Can I sign up after April 10th?

A: Yes, but you only have until Tuesday, April 15th. We want you to give yourself enough time to practice without feeling rushed.

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