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I am a Certified Transformational Life Coach, RTT Hypnotherapist, Think and Grow Rich Instructor and Self Love Expert with a background in yoga, meditation, bodywork, energy healing and conscious and spiritual entrepreneurship.

I dedicate my deep connection with spirit and self love empowerment education to help people on their path to greatness. In my own path to healing, I have learned that living a vision driven life is ultimate practice of SelfLove, the place where dreams come alive and transformation is made.

My Story:

I began my non-stop journey into healing 40 years ago, my mission is mastering LOVE. I was not conceived in love, held in the womb in love or birthed into the world in love. I have spent my entire life learning about Love. It first developed as a mental illness at birth, Borderline Personality Disorder that nearly took my life many times. The doctors said it couldn’t be healed. Well I did...with a lot of hard work, perseverance and learning that Love begins with Self. It took me 14 years.

6 years ago I was forced into my deepest spiritual awakening after a surf accident that not only ripped my face open, it ripped me open on a new level suffering from PTSD from a childhood sexual molestation. How the accident happened doesn’t matter, what matters is what I have done with the last 4 years in working in depth with transformation into SelfLove.

I’ve worked with numerous holistic healers, Shamans, mentors and guides. I’ve invested over $100K in healing. I’ve invested my time to educating myself, loving myself, choosing celibacy for over 5 years to focus on my healing process, healing from domestic abuse, healed my many addictions, sought after and finally found my soul family and have since come into my Dharma (life’s purpose). 

I’ve dealt with financial struggle, deep depressions that nearly took my life several more times, walked into fire after fire to discover the Love within. I’ve sat with plant medicines, Vipassana meditation (10 days silent) and weathered extreme loneliness choosing to live alone for the last 17 years.
My Purpose:
I have broken through with spirit guiding into SelfLove and finally in a state of true becoming. I have seen myself as part of the next generation of transformational leaders lighting the path for others. I am here to learn how to get organized, manage my energy and take this in conjunction with the work I’m already doing with some of my other mentors. Very thankful for Jay to share this knowledge.

I have stepped in and allow spirit to work through me in service to help people break through the barriers back home to the beloved, Self.

I specialize in SelfLove, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Somatic Bodywork, Transformational Life and Spiritual DreamBuilder Coaching.

I am currently working on speaking, teaching and writing to share my knowledge, wisdom and Love.
Together We RISE:
We are the game changers of the world!! We are not meant to do this work alone and I celebrate each and every one of you for being here!! 

To Succeed Means:
- Learning to align with the laws of the universe. Abundance comes from a state of gratitude. Gratitude comes from Love.

-Believing in people, love and care, integrity, fun and growth (yes personal development Is fun!)

-Learning that failure is feedback and to keep taking one more baby step! Many baby steps still take you to the top of the mountain!!

We are in this together!! We cannot do this work alone. We need support, structure, accountability and Love. This work takes patience and time. Again thank you Jay!

We have been given the gift of Life. We have been given the gift of a Body. Learn to LOVE yourself inside out. Heal our wounds, stop the blame, it’s your choice. Love heals, only Love is real. 

Becoming the person we wish to be and share that with others is the gift. We grow in Discomfort, it’s where the magic happens. 

Thank you all for stepping in and stepping up here to learn how to ride the waves of life and create a world we wish to live in.


See my Elephant Journal article how I healed Borderline Personality Disorder while yoga saved my life.


Blessings and love,

Denise Michelle



Proud ambassador of Yoga Gives Back and EZC Pack

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