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"I would like to personally thank Denise Michelle for the 90 minute  Rapid hypno therapy session I had on Feb. 18, 2019. I’m so happy I went with my intuition I decided to take the opportunity to have a session. I was feeling a block that led to procrastination . Inside myself I felt like I was stuck behind a wall or door or trapped under something and I couldn’t get OUT!!

It was extremely frustrating trying to figure it out. I’ve had this feeling all my life like something was stopping me??. After a 90 min session with Denise I saw some pictures or visuals about myself as a small child that helped me release my trapped feelings. I felt myself  “literally” come up out of the dark place now happy, excited and ready to go.

I no longer feel trapped. I saw the little girl in me come alive. She/me was extremely happy & grateful for my/her life. I was ready to live each day to the fullest not afraid or having the trapped procrastination feeling.

It’s been  over 6 weeks and I have not reverted back . I’m able to draw this inner joy and drive  out of myself at any time. I’m not sure how all this works but I’m extremely grateful that it does and for all the work Denise is doing to shine her light in the world! It was an explosive leap for me with little to no effort. I would 100% recommend this type of therapy for anyone that wants any type of breakthrough or just feels something is missing? Or just knowing there’s something that’s not quite right.

Have a consultation and see if this is right for you?

This session didn’t just add “ something”  to my life, my life multiplied and continues in a daily vibrant, hopeful & joyful direction...I just feel better to put it simply!"

~Matters Life Coaching LLC WA. State


​My RTT session with Denise opened a number of unknown doors to understanding aspects of my personality. What came up during the session was completely unexpected! Denise expertly guided me to seeing clearly the ways I've been holding myself back. She has a gentle and effective methodology that made me feel comfortable from the start. The best part is I can continue to enjoy the meditation recorded during the session! I look forward to working with her again.

~CM Los Angeles 



Denise Michelle is a phenomenal RTT Therapist. I’ve had two RTT sessions with her and have witnessed dramatic transformations after both of them. One of them in particular has offered me freedom from lifelong insecurities that have drained my life force and held me back. I’ve done so much work on it, but nothing wiped it out like a session with Denise. In fact, I was so amazed and inspired by her that I have decided to train as an RTT practitioner myself. 


If you’ve been working on yourself for a long time and still have old patterns that you are beyond ready to burst out of into liberation, I can’t recommend Denise highly enough.

~SW, Los Angeles


I feel so grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity to do a RTT session with Denise. She is one of the most loving, open hearted and empathetic therapists I have ever come across! In my profession as a cardiologist I take care of patients’ hearts and find that a great source of dis-ease is not just the physical based but also greatly related to the emotional/spiritual disconnection from the heart, leading to lack of self love and self worth.  This is why RTT sessions are so powerful and impactful, as the practice addresses the core issue of lack of self love as a root cause of hurtful patterns.  I did a session with Denise on some deep rooted limiting beliefs and noticed a phenomenal inner transformation with this practice which led some incredible personal growth and noticed great positive differences in my life as a result related to manifesting my authentic soul expression. Denise has a loving gentle way of guiding, her voice is so soothing, her manner so caring that makes the whole vulnerable experience feel loving and inviting. Her warm caring nature creates a safe environment that allowed me to trust easily and let go into the practice.


This method of RTT is powerful and transformational and the loving supportive guidance by Denise is the key ingredient to having a life changing experience. My opinion is that everyone needs to do RTT, especially when led by such kind soothing therapists like Denise.

~MP, Seattle, WA

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