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General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure to sign up online to reserve your space. 


Arriving for class: Please show up to class at least 10-15 minutes early! If class has begun, late arrivals may be refused entry to class. You will not be allowed entry into class 15 minutes after class has begun. Please be on time for yoga classes as late arrivals are disruptive to the class and don’t allow proper warm-up time for your body. We suggest that new students arrive at least 10 minutes early to their first class to allow time to prepare and speak with the instructor about injuries, pregnancy or health concerns.

It is customary to remove your shoes when you enter a yoga studio. You are welcome to leave your shoes outside the studio before entering but in case you would like to bring them inside, we provide cubbies where you may leave your bag, shoes, clothing, etc. tYp cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items however we do provide a Lost & Found box in case you forget something.


Restrooms: Restrooms are located outside the studio. There is an arrow pointing in the direction of the restroom on our community board. Try to take care of business before class, as it may interrupt fellow yogis if you leave during class. However, if you need to go during class, please do so quietly and respectfully.


Cell Phone Etiquette: Please respect your fellow yoga practitioners and the teachers and turn your cell phone off when you enter the studio.


Listen to your body during practice: It is very important to keep yourself safe. It is your responsibility to let the instructor know prior to class if you have any injuries. If you would like to speak with the teacher directly, they are always available a few minutes before and after class. We are here to help you practice as safe as possible. Teachers cannot know everything that is going on in your body, nor can they feel what you feel. If you experience pain in your practice, please remind yourself pull out of a posture that does not feel right for your body. Pain is an indicator that you have gone too far. Please honor your body and pull out of anything that takes you out of the pain-free range of motion. If you need a rest, you may stop and rest. You are your own best teacher, heed your body’s warnings, and stop. The purpose of Yoga is to nourish and nurture; take care of you.

What should I bring?


Wear comfortable clothes
Yoga mat*
Hand towel
Water bottle
*Mats are $1 to rent, limited to availability. (Students are encouraged to bring their own mats.)

Do you have showers?


We do not provide showers but there are several restrooms located on the floor.

Where should I park?


See LOCATION. Validated parking is available.

I’ve never practiced yoga. Will I be able to keep up in an All Levels class?


Yes! Beginners can follow along any class with the exception of Advanced YOGA, Level 2/3. We always tell our students to follow along the best you can and we will come around and help you as much as possible. The most important thing to focus on is your breath. If you get overwhelmed at any point or need to take a break you can always come into Child’s Pose. Please let your instructor know you are new to yoga.

Do I have to sign up online?


Students are encouraged to sign up online to ensure you have a space in class. Our space can hold 35 students per class and 30 can sign up online. We leave 5 spots open for waitlist and drop-in students. Please make sure you come to class 10-15 minutes early. If you arrive after class has begun there is a chance we have had to give your spot away to a standby student.


I am pregnant. Can I still practice?


Yes! The Tuesday night Restorative class would be great for you. If you have regularly practiced yoga you can also take the Basics class as well. Make sure you let your instructor know you are pregnant so we can help you with your postures.

Please feel free to email us at for additional questions!

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