Julie Marie

Julie Marie has been studying yoga and contemplative practices since she was a teenager living in Salt Lake City and has continued to explore its’ wealth throughout her travels and time in California and Colorado.  The practice of yoga has helped her overcome many personal traumas and heartache during her relationship with it.  Taking her from a tiny upstairs studio in Utah, to study in India and Peru, heal through yoga therapy, and eventually complete a teacher’s training with D’ana Baptiste.   She is influenced by asana based yoga (Asthanga + Anasura) tantric and bhakti methods (mantra +ritual + kirtan) and mindfulness meditation.  As a professional dancer and movement based artist, yoga remains a treasure for recovery and inspiration.  The art and craft of yoga has been a balm, a sanctuary, a joy, and continuing curiosity to her for over 16 years.  With a grateful heart she would love to share the experience of pure presence in the body and breath with you.