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tYp Yogi of the Month - July 2013 - Sang Park

Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Seoul, Korea where I spent my childhood. When I was 11, my dad told me that we were moving to a foreign country where everything was literally opposite to Korea.

‐ That was how I was introduced to this place located on the other side of the Earth. If you start to dig down and keep going, (please, ignore all the technological hurdles to accomplish that) then you can pop out to Argentina.

‐ Language was different, people were different and everything was up‐side‐down. When I had landed, my feet were still on the ground yet I had to open my small eyes bigger (somehow) to grasp all those life time changes: I had to start all over.


Q: Why did you start practicing yoga? How often do you practice each week?

A: I was introduced to Bikram Yoga in April 2009 yet when I think about Yoga, the first thing that I can relate to is your studio: tYp. Hence, Yoga => tYp.

It was the Groupon that drew me into the studio. Without much expectation, I began taking Denise Wood’s class on Tuesdays. It was called “Basics ‐ Level 1″ where my very first encounter with Vinyasa Yoga took place in August 2011.

‐ Wrapping it up, somebody made an offer on Groupon and it probably looked better than other offers. So I started practicing yoga thanks to that somebody.

‐ To the studio owner [Denise Waling]: thank you for the offer.I’m an every other day guy. If I don’t show up today, then I might be there tomorrow. I usually practice 3 to 4 times a week. Yet beginning “the 40 days of Yoga workshop with Jino”, it turned into a more consistent practice. Now, I practice about 5 times a week since April 2013. This was only possible thanks to Jino and six wonderful students who had mutually supported me throughout the workshop. Indeed, that was an [Uplifting Experience].


Q: Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started regularly practicing yoga?

A: Throughout the practice, I began to appreciate more. For instance, I appreciate people that I practice with. They are cool. It is my pleasure to be able to practice with them at tYp. And also I learnt to be more present.


Q: What do you like most about attending classes at tYp?

A: I keep in mind that “healthy body makes health mind” and vice versa. And this goes along very well with the Yoga asana practice. For instance, physical practice may be challenging yet it is soothing when it reaches to the last pose: savasana. I feel rewarded, that I did something good to my body. It is a gift that I give to myself. I think that not only it helps you integrate yourself into one piece on the mat but also it does the same thing off the mat in the long run.

‐ So what I like the most about attending classes at tYp is that tYp provides such a cozy and inviting environment that makes me realize the subtle shift mentioned above.


Q: What are your goals for your yoga practice?

A: Yoga has become a part of my life: a lifestyle. I simply practice. Actually, there is no goal.

If you would ask me one more time, then I would say that my goal is to take the yoga practice a lifetime practice.

Plus, I remind myself the following phrase whenever I step onto the mat:

“PRACTICE; and let go of goals. Love and forgive unconditionally. Accept what is.” ‐ Annie Carpenter


Q: What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

A: Plank pose. I believe many poses originate from this one. For instance Chaturanga, Updog & Downdog.

I like the idea of going back to basics:

‐ straight spine

‐ tail bone tucked

‐ belly in & up

‐ shoulders away from the ears

‐ create a long straight line from head to toe

‐ fingers spread, hands pressing down onto the mat

‐ oh.. and may be breathe? Yes?

‐ and I’m still learning


Q: What is something you’d like to reveal that people don’t know about you?

A: I would like to open up more to the people. Also, I would like to become someone helpful. So my heart is inclined more towards the giving side.

My father and mother have genuine giving heart. I grew up witnessing it and now it is my turn to offer that to others.

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