Carol Corpuz

I am So-Cal native, Yogi, scientist, and dog lover residing in vibrant Downtown LA.  While happy to work the daily grind, this lifestyle can certainly get hectic, leaving my breath short, body tired, and mind overloaded.  A serious back injury eventually gravitated me towards yoga, finding a home studio downtown who’s inspiring teachers and have not only helped me regain and improve strength and flexibility, but breath fuller, gather energy, and mindfully stay calm and present through asana and meditation, and ultimately, through the perpetual challenges of life. 


Finishing under Jay Co and tYp’s 200hr teacher training was an organic development of my dedicated personal practice, so one can expect anything from fun, energetic music-led Power/ Vinyasa styles to relaxed/restorative blends in my classes, bringing awareness of alignment and connectivity of movement and breath.


Yoga has brought true balance into my life, to share this wonderful practice is the best way to express my gratitude. With that, I aim to support and teach something that any person can explore, relate, discover and benefit from... Namaste friends!