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tYp Yogis of the Month - November 2013 - Carol Corpuz & Celia Tran

Usually we have 1 yogi of the month, but this month there's 2, Carol Corpuz and Celia Tran.  These two have been a pair since childhood growing personally, professionally and yogically together!  We've watched them transform from beginners with injuries into studying in tYp's Teacher Training with Jay Co, Jino and Denise!


Q: Where are you from?

Carol:  Good old Rancho Cucamonga,CA. 

Celia:  Ranch Cucamonga


Q:  Why did you start practicing yoga?  How often do you practice each week?


Carol:  I first started yoga when I joined some old coworkers who practiced at lunch a few times a week about 5 years ago. It was certainly good exercise to just detox all the bad chemicals I breath working in a lab. Then about 3 years ago I had then injured my back snowboarding, enduring about a year of back pain before taking a chance on actually going to my 1st yoga studio, The Yoga Place where I've been practicing about 3-5 times a week for almost the past 2 years.

Celia: After my crazy spine & hip injuries, I really wanted and needed to maintain my flexibility and build more strength, with yoga I was able to heal myself :) Also Carol found a groupon and we went to our first typ class together. I aim to practice at least four to five times a week.


Q:  Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started regularly practicing yoga?

Carol: I have definitely seen significantly less back pain and stress since starting a regular practice. Its exciting when you see real progress in something you've dedicated a lot of time too. I found that my practice has also translated into my daily life. Being dedicated and remaining calm in challenging situations, allowing things to come as they come without focusing so much on expectations, and being present with myself and aware of my breath. All in all, Happier indeed :)

Celia:  Oh yes. Overall I am a happier. Yoga has helped me to choose to be happier even when life throws you a curveball. 


Q:  What do you like most about attending classes at tYp?

Carol:  I've loved watching the studio and community of tYp grow as my practice has grown. And I loved that it's tucked away in a random fashion building away from the craziness that is always going on downtown. Classes are intimate, music is awesome, and the teachers are some of the most approachable, down to earth  amazing people I've every met.


Celia: I love the sense of community that typ has, you feel like a family.


Q:  What are your goals for your yoga practice?  

Carol:  To probably also one day teach yoga, with the intention to continue practice throughout my lifetime.

Celia:  Keep practicing and learning and sharing with others.  



Q:  What is your favorite yoga pose and why?  

Carol:  Downdog, it's so foundational but complex and stretches everything. I don't go a day without it.

Celia: Right now, King pigeon. Opens the hips, shoulders and heart, just opens you up like a book! 


Q:  What is something you'd like to reveal that people don't know about you?

Carol:  Besides the fact that Celia and I have know each other since 6th grade (hence being paired this month), I also have a twin sister, which most people i know already know, but its funny to see people's reactions when they've only met me before....AND i'm a gemini.  Whatttt. Good times, yoga times, Namaste <3

Celia:  I have always enjoyed crafting & sewing. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I make my costumes every year. Come to think of it, I have never bought a costume... I am kinda having mixed emotions now that's is over already. Sigh... Next year...

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