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tYp Student of the Month - October 2013 - Jessica Giles

Jessica begain practicing at "Yoga in the Workplace at the CMC" well before The Yoga Place was created as an official studio.  She has become our oldest and one of the most dedicated students.  Thank you Jessica for all you are and all you share with us!


Q: Where are you from?

A:  I am originally from the Madison, Wisconsin area.  A small town of only 10,000 people called Monroe to be exact,  A.K.A. the cheese capital of the world!!


Q:  Why did you start practicing yoga?  How often do you practice each week?

A:  I started practicing yoga because I wanted to lower my stress and still get a great work out in. Usually I practice between 2-3 times a week.


Q:  Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started regularly practicing yoga?

A:  Yes, I sleep amazingly!! I also notice that I'm more chill with things when I am practicing yoga regularly. 



Q:  What do you like most about attending classes at tYp?

A:  I love the variety of times classes are offered and it's super convenient for me since I work in the building:)


Q:  What are your goals for your yoga practice?  

A:  To keep my practice up even when life gets chaotic and very "busy."


Q:  What is your favorite yoga pose and why?  

A:  I love tree pose for some reason. I guess it's that whole centering thing!


Q:  What is something you'd like to reveal that people don't know about you?

A:  I moved to Los Angeles knowing only 1 person and I  have truly made it my home over the past ten years. Through all the ups and downs life has brought, I have  managed to meet some of the most AMAZING people along the way. I feel so lucky and blessed to live here. Yoga gives, me a chance to reflect and practice my gratitude.  Thanks Denise, you are truly an inspiring teacher and I'm so glad you started the studio when you did. I knew you would grow the studio to be what it is today:) I'm so happy I can be apart of it.


-Jessica Giles


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