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Bridge The Love Scholarship Program


Bridge the Love Scholarship program is a 12 week program led by mentor, Denise Michelle. She is a transformational life coach, rapid transformation hypnotherapist and SelfLove expert with a background in the healing arts. She is on a mission to bridge love into the world. She works with entrepreneurs, influencers and team leaders to create heart centered solutions to our world's problems. She is working with a small group teaching them how to blueprint, bridge and build their dream of becoming a leader in this world. She will be bringing in experts in Health, Relationships and Finance to support their growth. She creates a fun, safe and empowering environment to not just dream the dream, but gives her students tangible tools and resources to live the dream.



We will meet over Zoom on Saturdays, once a week beginning in April 2020. 



1. Applicant must be 18-25

2. Fill out the online application

3. Provide 2 letters of recommendation, references will be contacted

4. Type 2 page essay and send to Denise Michelle

5. Have a 60-90 minute Zoom interview with Denise Michelle

6. Pay the non-refundable $165 application fee prior at time of applying


Deadline is midnight on March 25th, 2020.


To apply go to

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