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#1 International Best Seller!

Asian Women Who Boss Up:

Secrets from Women Who Are Forging Their Own Path and Thriving


E-Book Available Now on Amazon

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Order your copy of Asian Women Who Boss Up today.

Get a personalized signed copy of the book and also part of the books sales will be donated to & to help combat Anti-Asian racism.

About the book:

Asian Women who BossUP is on a global mission to Inspire Women Of The World To Be Everything They Want To Be Despite Any Circumstances They Find Themselves In. You ARE A Superhero!

“Asian Women Who BossUp” Profiles 16 Asian Women Who Have Broken The Mold To Achieve, Overcome Difficulties Or Inspire Change Through Relentless Endeavor. Hailing From Across The Globe, Diverse Walks Of Life And Varied Disciplines Including STEM, Healthcare, Finance, Coaching And Non-Profit, “Women Who BossUp” Is A Welcome Companion To Any Boss Or Boss In The Making.

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