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Testimonials Coaching & Yoga

Denise works on connecting with her clients on a deeper level.  Read what they have to say...

"Just a few months ago, I was sad, angry, and lost. It’s hard to believe how much has changed in just 12 weeks:

  • I left a job I felt stuck in, and I found one I love.

  • I got a dog — something I’ve wanted for way too long.

  • I meditate almost every day, and it keeps me grounded and focused.

  • I keep a gratitude journal, and it reminds me how full my life is of things that make me happy and how much I have to be thankful for.

I used to just let life happen. I kind of floated along and took opportunities as they arose. This worked mostly alright, but that’s no longer how I want to live my life. How can I be truly happy if I don’t live my dream life? And what is my dream life? Only I can decide that for myself. Not my parents. Not anyone else. Only me. By envisioning a dream and letting it be my guide, I will live a life of purpose. I will grow into the person I am meant to become.

I feel like I have just woken up. I want to live my best life. I want to be the best person I can for myself, my partner, my friends, and anyone else I encounter. I know that this will take a conscious effort on my part, but I want this, so I will work on it until it becomes effortless. I want to be a person for and with others."

~K.F. Irvine, CA


"It was my first time going through a dream-building program and I had the most eye-opening experience with Denise as my coach and mentor.  Denise teaches from the heart.  There is genuine concern and care in the way she teaches, as if you were her own sister or brother.  Don't be fooled by her gentle spirit and sweet smile as she will hold you deeply accountable to keep you on track in getting closer to your goals.  I guarantee that anyone would benefit from this program as much as I did.  I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing their one, true dream!"

Mia F., Los Angeles



“Wow” an hour a day with Denise practicing yoga on the beach in Santa Monica was just what my stressed out body and mind needed! I found the sessions energising, calming and would feel in control and serene after an hour practicing and ready to tackle my day. Denise seemed so in tune with how I was feeling each day and in turn made adjustments to the yoga practice, they were always different and would be a great balance between some challenge and more gentle breathing exercises. I loved the way she made you really connect with your surroundings - the sand, the water and the sound of the waves and birds. A beautiful experience. Would thoroughly recommend and miss her classes (and the beach) now I am back in London."


Jo M, London England


I recently started yoga back in December of 2014.  I was never one to look at yoga as a way of fitness or anything since I usually try to go to the gym.  But aches and pains can get to a person.  i first got turned to yoga when I had lower back pain and tight hips I wanted to relieve them and also become a little more flexible I wasn’t looking for anything serious.  I met Denise at peet’s coffee and tea where I work and I follow her on Instagram and I noticed that she was an instructor and so I asked if she had any classes and she said yes and she invited me to one and I went.  That first class has changed my perspective on many things. I used to neglect my body cause harm to it put a lot of stress on it which was not healthy for me.  Denise has taught me of “self-love” and that our bodies are like “pets” and we shouldn’t neglect them or hurt them.  I am happy to say that she has changed my views on yoga I enjoy her classes and come out feeling relieved and happy not stressing about things that shouldn’t matter.  She puts a big “Kool-Aid” smile after every class.  Her classes let you go at your own pace and helps you with variations on poses if you are unable to do them, there is no judgement if you aren’t able to do certain poses or if you need to take a break.  And her private sessions she always starts off by asking you if anything is bothering you or if there is anything specific that you would like to work on and builds the class session on your energy and depending on where you are at she will take you where you need to be.  I try to go to her classes three times a week and I even started taking monthly yoga challenges with her which are fun and motivating and they keep you on your practice.  Im always learning something new about myself and my body from her classes and its always exhilarating to find a new challenge to help yourself become a better person.


Marvin R, Los Angeles, CA



I had tried a few yoga classes over the years but never stuck with it. I took a class from Denise through a Groupon and it was different. Her practice was much more deliberate and precise than anything I’d experienced before. Now it’s been a couple of years and it’s a vital part of my day. I notice real progress happening in my practice. I’m more focused, have far less anxiety throughout the day, and much more energy.


Travis F, Los Angeles, CA



During my stay in Santa Monica I had the great pleasure to meet Denise for the morning yoga session on the beach - one of the most beautiful moments I've ever experienced! Denise is not only a empathetic and professional yoga teacher, she understand to respond to my needs - together with the view, the sentence and the sound of the ocean - an unforgettable moment in my life! And she sung the Yoga-song Shanti only for me! Thanks so much, I will never forget...


Nathalie E, Switzerland




Besides being a truly gifted yogi, Denise bursts with love, joy and peace. Denise leads each class with a focus on precise form, connection with breath, complete awareness of the body and most importantly, she leads with compassion. I feel truly lucky to practice yoga with such a unique and warm individual and I look forward to her pop up community classes every week.


Anna M, Los Angeles, CA


I've only had two yoga sessions with Denise, but I cannot overstate how much of a positive impact it has made on my life. Before I took her classes, I was experiencing near-constant back pain and was suffering from a very limited range of motion due to having fractured 3 vertebrae. Denise's personal experience with back injuries, expert guidance and patience when explaining new poses meant she was able to achieve what 6 months of personal therapy couldn't: I was able to stand up straight again without any pain! Seeing as I had limited time available, Denise focused on teaching me exercises I can do at home, so that I can continue to work on improving my posture and range of motion independently. The meditative aspect and the focus on my breathing really helped me being mindful of how a yoga pose affects my body, which improved my ability to do the exercises correctly and safely. In short, I highly recommend Denise's yoga classes, as I'm going through life pain-free for the first time in over year!

Yannick D., Stockholm Sweden