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Denise works on connecting with her clients on a deeper level.  Read what they have to say...

"Just a few months ago, I was sad, angry, and lost. It’s hard to believe how much has changed in just 12 weeks:

  • I left a job I felt stuck in, and I found one I love.

  • I got a dog — something I’ve wanted for way too long.

  • I meditate almost every day, and it keeps me grounded and focused.

  • I keep a gratitude journal, and it reminds me how full my life is of things that make me happy and how much I have to be thankful for.

I used to just let life happen. I kind of floated along and took opportunities as they arose. This worked mostly alright, but that’s no longer how I want to live my life. How can I be truly happy if I don’t live my dream life? And what is my dream life? Only I can decide that for myself. Not my parents. Not anyone else. Only me. By envisioning a dream and letting it be my guide, I will live a life of purpose. I will grow into the person I am meant to become.

I feel like I have just woken up. I want to live my best life. I want to be the best person I can for myself, my partner, my friends, and anyone else I encounter. I know that this will take a conscious effort on my part, but I want this, so I will work on it until it becomes effortless. I want to be a person for and with others."

~K.F. Irvine, CA


"It was my first time going through a dream-building program and I had the most eye-opening experience with Denise as my coach and mentor.  Denise teaches from the heart.  There is genuine concern and care in the way she teaches, as if you were her own sister or brother.  Don't be fooled by her gentle spirit and sweet smile as she will hold you deeply accountable to keep you on track in getting closer to your goals.  I guarantee that anyone would benefit from this program as much as I did.  I highly recommend it to anyone pursuing their one, true dream!"

Mia F., Los Angeles



I first approached with Denise when I realized I had several dreams / goals that I felt like I was inching towards but not sprinting towards. I had issues with focus, vision and prioritization. I’d start towards one goal and then get distracted with another, then pulled towards yet another goal. In addition, I’d allow myself to be put off course by other people’s goals and agendas - or just life’s constant distractions. 


Denise was able to help me build not only a vision of where to go, but a way to navigate the external and internal distractions. Week by week, together, we’d focus on various aspects to resetting my approach to my goals (and life in general). I was able to overcome hidden beliefs, observe thought patterns that weren’t serving me, overcome core fears, develop a practice of forgiving and letting go, learn to listen to my own intuition, and reframing past failures as lessons to help empower me. These lessons aligned me with my intentions and accelerated the process of achieving my goals. 


The result is that I quickly moved forward on several large-scale projects that I had been procrastinating on or were stalled altogether. Those projects not only turned out to be creatively fulfilling but financially abundant – even more so than I had initially imagined. It was fuel for the fire to continue to build on my core mission and vision for my life. The lessons, feedback and guidance Denise provided was a rare combination of practicing real-world high-performance habits along with heart-centered, visionary practices that make dream building such a unique program. 

John D. - Los Angeles


I met Denise when I was in a very rough place in my life. I was going through a transitionary and integrative year after my previous relationships, job, security and lifestyle had drastically altered all at once. I was in a low vibrational place that was very difficult to meet people or places that were of a high vibration. And I was stagnant and stuck about how to move forward. I took a chance and listened to my intuition about going to her workshop and I am so grateful that I did! Immediately upon meeting Denise, there was a connection and I could feel her authentic capacity to show up for others. It was so clear that her demeanor, her confidence and her presence brings strength to anyone around her. 


I joined Bridge The Love and went through the DreamBuilder program. This program impacted my life by giving me precise and tangible tools to move through emotional and psychological pain. It allowed me to delve deep into the dreams I had as a child and dreams that define who and what I'm here to do on this earth. It gave me a path to writing my purpose out. 


Denise deeply impacted my life and allowed me to make a pivot because of her ability to transmit her own high vibrational state. By feeling her energy and being live with her in video calls, it allowed me to feel the faith in my own life. Her coaching calls are of high caliber as you always know what to expect. She is organized, timely and always delivers. Her calls had a very specific structure to them which was relieving and beneficial, yet she was adaptable and flexible for the session to move organically as well. 


I am in deep gratitude for the moment when Denise and I met and the time that she led me through DreamBuilder. It was a light in my dark tunnel!